Santorini Plot




LOCATION: The plot with the buildings is located in the Island of Santorini, which is
ranked as the 7th best tourist destination in the world for 2014. The exact location of
the Complex in the area of Ftelakia, at a distance of nine (9) Km from the Airport, one (1)
Km from the settlement of Akrotiri and two (2) Km from the archeological museum of
the island, makes it very special, since it offers a unique exquisite view to Caldera,
“formed around 1613 BC after the Minoan explosion, reaching 16 Km”, which is the
largest caldera on Earth.

CURRENT CONDITION: The building complex, which has a total surface area of
998.85 m2, has been erected on a 13,000 m2 part of the plot, which has a total surface
area of 40,000 m2 and extends from the country asphalt road of Akrotiri-Pharos to the sea
of Caldera. The complex included two (2) buildings, each having a surface area of
347.47 m2, with three (3) residencies respectively, and one (1) cave building of five
(5) studios, having a total area of 303.91 m2.
The construction phase is over 50% of the building schedule according to the valid
building permit. The construction of the buildings has not been completed intentionally,
so that the owner of the estate may give their own personal aesthetics to the interior of the
buildings and to the look of the final landscaping of the surrounding area.

PERSPECTIVES-POSSIBILITIES: The buildings can be exploited and used either as
common residencies or as tourist residencies, since in 2012 the Greek Tourism
Organization (EOT) approved the suitability of the plot and the architectural study of the
existing (3) houses for the operation of eleven (11) furnished tourist residencies having
a total capacity of (52) BEDS.
The project may also be completed through subsidized investment tourism programs and
the final look of the complex after its completion will be as shown in the following
perspective drawings.

Price: €9.500.000

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