Why Greece?

Affordability: Greece’s economy has the smallest   investment requirement in Europe!

Return on Investment: The intense touristic activity in Greece has created a big demand for short time leasing of homes in touristic areas. This can provide a great return on investment to a potential realty investor.

Surplus Value: Greece’s property values, which had hit an all time low, are now showing the first signs of recovery this makes it the perfect time to invest in properties in order to gain the best surplus value on your investment.

Family members also included: Parents, children under 21 and spouse may also benefit, by your investment.

What is a Golden VISA?

Legal Basis

Greece introduced the law No 4521/2014 that allows citizens from any country to a acquire a European Residence Permit by investment, granting them free movement within the Schengen Zone (26 countries).


Any non-EU individual that invests at least €250.000 is eligible to obtain a Golden Visa as long as the main applicant is over 18 years old.


Program Course?

Total VISAs
up to date

Total Money Flow
up to date

Mean Investment
per person

Why Greece?

Experience: Owning a property in Greece, means having the chance to enjoy Greece’s weather, food, history and tremendous natural beauty any time!

Geographical Location: Greece’s location makes it not only a convenient but also a strategic place to invest in.

High Standards: Greece provides the highest level of medical services, welfare and education.

Lifestyle: A thing one can say about Greek people is that they surely know how to have fun! Greece is a country popular for its hospitality and lifestyle with.

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