Where to Invest?

Athens Center

Investing on a property in the center of Athens is one of the most solid investments. The property values are surely to be the ones on the fastest rise when Greece’s economy recovers and are the less likely to drop at any point.

It could be your own retreat! Athens is a wonderful city with many attractions, a city that you can never get tired of. Owning a residence in the center of Athens can be your basis of exploration of both the Athenian and the wider Greek area.

The center of Athens is the commercial and historical capital of Greece. This creates both residential and touristic interest around it resulting into both short and long term rentals which can provide a good return on your investment.

Athens Seaside

Investing on the Athenian seaside is considered by most the most promising investment at the moment. With many private and public plans for huge infrastructure that will upgrade the Athenian seaside into a high end residential area with sky-high property values.

An apartment in the Athenian seaside can be a place for you to stay whenever you visit Greece. With a huge coastal line close proximity to beaches, many restaurants and a wild nightlife you it will make you feel like you are on vacation while staying in the city. Additionally some apartments of higher value offer a stunning view of the sea.

The Athenian sea side, similarly to the center of Athens, is also a place of residential and touristic interest once again increasing the odds of short and long term rentals.

Greek Islands

There is no person that can doubt the beauty of the Greek Islands. The huge touristic attraction provides for a solid investment with high prospect of increased value if the right choices are made.

Killing two birds with one stone! Both making a great investment and owning a summer house in one of the best summer destinations in the world! What more could you ask for?

The increased touristic interest on most Greek islands safeguard’s your interests by guarantying a very good return on investment from short term rentals.

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