Xyla beach

Xyla Beach Kea: The beach of Xyla is ideal for those seeking for peace and relaxation. It is usually very clean and has picturesque surroundings. Staring at the immensity of its beautiful deep blue waters with occasional ferries coming and going, and hearing nothing but the sound of the waves along the 200 metres this beach extends over, can calm down any tense spirit. The fact of not counting on available roads leading to Xyla beach makes it a little secluded, since it has to be reached by foot, or motorcycle. However, it is placed at approximately 4 or 5 km -depending on the road taken from the ancient settlement of Korissos, a feature that can be taken advantage of in order to visit the important archaeological findings, such as the remains of ancient temples and houses. In addition, the beaches of Melissaki, Mavrambeli, and the popular Xyla can be found in the close north-west areas to Xyla and Korissia. The best way of getting to Xyla beach is by taking the coastal road to Marades area and Melissaki beach from Korissia. After a short distance, the road becomes a dirt road on not very good conditions. Instead of going down to Melissaki, you should continue south-west. At this point, a small sign with directions for Xyla should be found. Another available road is the one via Stavroti area, which is a little shorter, 4 km instead of 5. However, in the case of Xyla, along with the mentioned Mavrambeli, it is important to take some supplies, because of the explained facts regarding its access, and the subsequent lack of facilities. The low profile of Xyla causes it to be chosen by several locals, which can be a powerful attraction for those who do not enjoy the typical tourist spots and their consequent noisy environment. In addition, Xyla counts on permanent umbrellas to protect from the sun, and although it is not a nude beach, nudity is allowed here, in part because of the privacy it obviously offers.
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