Mavrambeli beach

Mavrambeli Beach Kea: Mavrambeli is a quiet beach, offering a picturesque and calmed environment, ideal for those who expect to relax and get away from big crowds. First of all, we must point out its location. Mavrambeli is placed on the north-west coast along with other more popular beaches, such as Gialiskari and Otzias. This part of the island is shared also by some other beaches in the same vibe of Mavrambeli, such as Xyla and Melissaki. Their access is based on a road from the harbour of this settlement, which can be traveled by motorcycle. In the case of Mavrambeli, due to its location, the mentioned road can also be taken advantage of, but the truth is that it does not appear on the maps. Taking all these into account, it becomes obvious that the beach does not count on any facilities, so it is important to take enough provisions, such as food and water. In spite of these facts, Mavrambeli is usually included into the main beaches of the north-western side. Therefore, it is certainly a beautiful place, which solitude gives the idea of a private deserted island that most visitors dream for their vacations. The fact of not being crowded also assures the cleanliness of its deep blue waters.
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