Mellisaki Kea

Melissaki Beach Kea: Melissaki is on the north-west coast of Kea, along with the popular beach of Gialiskari, the windy Otzias, the peaceful Xyla, and the picturesque Mavrambeli. The closest beach to Melissaki in terms of proximity and features is Xyla. They both offer a quiet and paradisiacal atmosphere, away from big crowds and noises, and they can both be reached from Korissos, by taking the road leading to the area of Marades, and Melissaki. Once getting this road, it will soon turn into a dirt one, after which you should take the way down to Melissaki. Although Melissaki is not reputed as a beach where to do nudism, it is clear that it offers some privacy, as its access is not as simple as that of beaches like Gialiskari. Its lack of facilities is also an important fact in these terms, and makes it necessary to take enough supplies of food and water. When it comes to spending a relaxing time, and enjoy a beautiful landscape without interruptions or annoying noises, Melissaki Beach is an ideal place.
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